Selling Real Estate

Comparative Market Analysis

Before listing a property for sale, you want to get a sense of how your home compares to others on the market.  A  Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) looks at the features and condition of a property and compares it to other properties that have recently sold in the area.   A CMA is a helpful tool in determining what a home is likely to sell for, given the current market conditions.   If you’re considering listing your property for sale, getting a CMA is a great first step!  Seward Properties charges a flat fee of $100 (+ tax) to put together a CMA.  If you decide to list your property with us, you’ll be credited back this expense when your home sells.

Seward Real Estate Sales House ImageListing Your Property

After taking a look at your property and working with you to determine a listing price, the next step is putting together a listing contract. Whether you’re right here in Seward and can meet at our office in person, or if thousands of miles away, we’ll talk through everything with you so that you understand our listing documents and feel comfortable with what to expect throughout the sales process.  We are paid subscribers to Docusign’s digital transaction management service, which allows our clients to securely and easily e-sign documents from anywhere they have an internet connection.  This helps save time and resources historically spent emailing and faxing documents back and forth. Once your listing papers are signed we’ll arrange a time to take photos of your home, we’ll post ‘FOR SALE’ signs, and we’ll begin marketing your property right away.

Seward Real Estate Sales Sold Sign with buyerMarketing

Our clients will speak to the fact that we go to great lengths to market our listings!  We’ll begin actively promoting your property as soon as your listing goes on the market.  In addition to posting ‘For Sale’ signs at your property, we advertise properties our website, which we keep constantly updated so that it is not bogged down with pending or sold listings. We run an ad each week in the Seward Journal and we get the word out using our local business Facebook page and Seward City News, where we pay for it to be a sponsored advertiser. And of course we have your listing on Trulia and Zillow.  Do you have additional advertising avenues you’d like to consider for your property?  Let us know, we’re always happy to work with you on a custom marketing package that is perfectly suited to your needs!

Finding a buyer

The more the property is shown, the more opportunity there is to find a buyer! Whether your property is being shown by Seward Properties, or another broker, we’ll always be the ones handling scheduling. If you’ll be living in the home while it’s on the market, we coordinate showings for times that work well for you.  If your property is renter occupied, we communicate directly with your tenants to set up showings.   We’ll put together a listing binder which will be stored at your property so that any licensee who is showing the home has easy access to property details and disclosures, as well as property tax and utility information.

Seward Real Estate Sales another happy buyerSelling

When an offer comes in on your home, we present it to you promptly.  We coordinate all the paperwork for your side of the transaction including handling all documents associated with the purchase agreement, any counter offers, amendments, bills of sale, etc.  Throughout the sales process we are in constant contact with you, keeping you up-to-date, as well as representing you in communication with the Buyer’s representative, the lender, appraiser, and title company to see that everything proceeds as smoothly as possible.

Looking for further assurance that listing with Seward Properties is the right choice?  Check out what our clients have to say!

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