Rental Application

Every person applying for one of our rentals has to go through a background check. Once you have demonstrated interest in a property and a desire to move ahead with the rental process, we will give you a background application to fill out.  Every adult residing at the premises will have to fill one out whether or not they plan on being on the lease officially.

Please fill out the application below. Payment will be due prior to us running the report, though you may fill out the report at any time at no initial cost. The cost for us to run a background check is $30/adult.  You can pay cash, check or money order to Seward Properties as detailed at the top of the application.

Once we submit your background application (we will confirm with you first), you will receive an email from Buildium asking you to authorize us to run your background application. Then you will set up your SmartMove account and will be asked some secure questions to confirm that your identity. Once you have completed this necessary step, we will automatically be emailed a copy of your report. To learn more about the SmartMove before setting up your account, please visit

The cost for us to run a background check is $30/adult. You can pay cash, check or money order to Seward Properties.

Mailing Address: PO Box 1466, Seward, AK 99664

* Please note, it is helpful if you email or call us to let us know which property you are applying for. Spring is a busy season and we are getting about 30 applications per week. It also helps if you put correct information for your rental references as you will not be approved until we can contact them.

Thank you.

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